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HengXin Induction Heating Machines' applications have been used in huge area.They are very credible and Efficiency.

There are two main specifications of induction heating machine, one is the output power , another is the output frequency.
The higher the frequency, the thinner the heating penetration. So it is important to select the frequency of the machine according to the heating desire to achieve best heating effect.
The output power decide the heating speed, so power is selected according to the weight of the parts and the heating temperature and the heating speed desired.

HengXin Science & Technology Limited. is a high-tech company which specialized in Mechanical & Electrical areas research and development.
Located in Foshan City which is in the center of Zhujiang Delta Area, the company shares a convenient transportation position; it is close to Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, and Zhuhai.
We are specialized in manufacturing of medium and high frequency induction heating equipment. We also can design and fabricate various types of medium and high frequency induction heating equipment and components upon the customer requirement. Our equipment is worldly used in blaze welding of diamond disc saw, horniness alloy steel knife and blade; quenching, anneal, heat treatment, and colored metal melting. Our parts are characterized as full of specification, large of application range and high reliability.
Continuous improvement to perfect is our target. We produce, design and develop new parts at the reasonable price which is with economy and environmental performance and small appearance. Devote to society with the qualified products is our spirit for enterprise development. We will pay more attention to user's requirement on the parts to make our products more realistic and price more reasonable.
Science and technology is the first productivity. We have strong ability in research, development and innovation of the new parts. We have established a wild sales net which is supported by advanced technology. We have set up lots of office throughout China, which is the guarantee of the prompt service to customers.
We promote Human Being as the base and pursue the excellence as the company operation major objectives. In today's society, we create qualified parts on the base of our modern enterprise management system, high-qualified staff and advanced equipment. We wish to cooperate with different customers in the future.
Our faith: best technology, best quality,best service.

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